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Dr Schultz

Spirulina in Superfood PlusDr Shultze created a Superfood that is not just good but also one that is environmentally a blessing to the earth. Lets look at just two of its ecologically grown components and compare its protein levels to other proteins and how they are “created”. Soyabean for example de-forests and de-populates those indigenous peoples of the forests. This is partly because the per acre-age production of soy to spirulina or chlorella is around 20 times greater. Additionally all Blue Green Algaes (spirulina and chlorella) don’t need soil to grow in! They thrive in available natural waters and “ponds”.  Let’s not even get into meat production – that speaks for itself on resources!  Superfood Plus the food of the future? There’s no doubt about it.

This is one of a series of fantastic superfood videos.  You can view any or all of them by following the links at the bottom of the page:

Dr. Schulz

Superfood WaterDr. Schulze grows his Superfood Plus plants in chemical and pesticide free clean waters and soils and this means that the plants have had to jostle to survive predators. This in turn means the plants will naturally produce more immune defenders, more antioxidants and a host of other survival plant compounds that we will usefully use when we eat it. This simple fact just adds to all the other awesome and amazing properties in Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus.

Dr Shulz

Superfood GenesDr. Schulze Aging isn’t something that just happens to the old its something that happens if we eat badly to the young as well. Cells mutate, die or starve if they don’t receive proper nutrients to keep them healthy and these “building blocks” of our bodies if sickly, don’t just make us less effective, they slowly create future disease. Superfood Plus is so rich in anti-oxidants and other “cell revival” components that premature aging, at any age is much less likely. Anti-oxidant plants simply help us from “rusting” and promote youth.











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