Is the formula calculated so that it MUST be taken as written on the container?

No, there is no rigid rule – the quantities are just suggestions. It could, at a push, be eaten dry.

Can it be mixed with ANY juice?

Yes it can be mixed with any fruit or vegetable juice, or liquidised fruit. Orange, mango and apple juice are popular, but it is entirely down to personal taste. Liquidised fresh fruit is simply a more health-giving option than juice.

Is there any problem making half the suggested amount at a time?

No problem. As we have said, the ratio of SuperFood Plus to fruit juice, vegetable juice or water is not important - whatever suits your personal taste. 

Can I take too much SuperFood Plus?

No, because SuperFood Plus is a food rather than a supplement. It’s rather like a buffet: different people will want to consume different quantities. Some people take up to six 15g tablespoons per day. However, as SuperFood Plus is a concentrated food, we would, initially at least, advise you not to exceed four tablespoons per day. Greater quantities increase the possibility of experiencing loose bowels or a ‘Niacin Flush’. 

What is a Niacin Flush?

Please click here for more information on the Niacin Flush

I'm concerned that the lemon will make it too acidic to my stomach. Is it essential? Does the lemon juice unlock something or help in its digestion?

Lemon is acidic but actually becomes alkaline in the stomach, which is good for the body (another acidic juice, orange juice, doesn't behave in this way). The lemon is there for two reasons: its alkalising qualities and its flavour. However, it really isn't vital and can be omitted.

I was wondering if adding a sweet fruit like banana to the mix would affect its digestion. You mention adding acidic and alkaline juices, but not fruits high in carbohydrate. 

Fruits high in carbohydrate should be avoided if suffering from hypoglycemia, but this is a combination that some people are already trying. If it feels a little heavy with the fruit juice as well, try banana, SuperFood Plus and water, plus a little lemon juice. Certainly there is nothing wrong with adding carbohydrate and in fact it gives the addition of a 'long burner' food to the 'instant' energy of the SuperFood Plus.