Niacin is the clinical term for vitamin B3. Some people periodically notice that after drinking SuperFood Plus they experience a 'Niacin Flush'. This produces a tingling sensation accompanied by red blotches on the face and other parts of the body.

This doesn't last long – usually about half an hour – and an hour and a half at most. Although it itches and heat is experienced, it has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and increases general vigour.

This is a positive sign reflecting the quality and strength of the ingredients of this product. It is helpful to candida sufferers as yeast dislikes the extra oxygen produced. Vitamin B3 also relieves depression, memory loss, fatigue, irritability and headaches.

This Niacin Flush may not happen every time you drink SuperFood Plus as your body's nutritional needs vary, so do not be concerned if this happens occasionally. Contraindications: Overactive Thyroid Those with an overactive thyroid and who are taking medication for this condition may wish to consult your GP prior to taking this product.

Detoxification Side Effects And Powers Of SuperFood Plus SuperFood Plus is highly detoxifying and whilst all the plant components are helpful to the detox process the chlorella is particularly robust at removing toxins. The result can, in some cases, be a little overwhelming. So those prone to toxicity or in obvious need of a detox are advised to start with lower doses of SuperFood Plus e.g. 2 teaspoons instead of 1 tablespoon.

Side effects that could occur when the SuperFood Plus is causing a detox reaction may include bloating of the stomach and cold–like symptoms such as chills and heat headaches. This is a signal that various microbes e.g. virus, bacteria and fungus are dying off, and if elimination channels are sluggish or stagnant the toxins will not be able to exit quickly enough causing these side effects. Reducing the dose, drinking plenty of water (2 litres) and ensuring bowel movements and kidney flushing will be essential.