"For centuries we have been domesticating animals and turning them into pets. We make them live very comfortable but very unnatural lives. The downside of this domestication is more disease caused mostly by less exercise and eating prepared foods instead of foraging in the wild. Most veterinarian studies today show that domesticated pets, from cats and dogs to horses, all have low blood nutrition due to their unnatural diet.

"In my clinic I treated almost all of my patients' pets at one time or another. All of them got my SuperFood Plus balls made by them by their loving owners.” Animal SuperBalls - are a way to get your pets the nutrition they need.”

Horses, goats and other herbivores love the natural grainy, nutty taste of SuperFood Plus. For horses and most vegetarian animals. To make a SuperFood ball, just mix SuperFood Plus about 50/50 with A & M, (alfalfa and molasses). You don't have to worry if your pet will like this, all you have to worry about is keeping your fingers from getting bitten or chewed off when you feed them this treat – they LOVE IT! With a big horse it can get expensive but heck, if you own a horse or two, you’re used to it because after all, they eat like a horse.

For cats and dogs just mix the SuperFood Plus into their wet food or dry food. You can also mix SuperFood Plus with raw or cooked meat, use whatever your animal is used to but would also be a treat. Making it a treat will help your pet eat it at first. Also at first you might use a little less SuperFood Plus until they get used to it."

Dr. Richard Schulze