Eating On The Road - Dr. Schulze Style

"My life has always been very busy and I often have to eat meals away from home. This can range from fine dining in the world's greatest restaurants to lap dining while driving in a rental car to the airport. In any case, I always pack my SuperFood.

"On the road my breakfast is the same as when I am home, a SuperFood Plus drink, I just make it a little different. If I am in my hotel room sometimes I can get the room service or the hotel restaurant to make me a fresh fruit smoothie drink to add my SuperFood plus to. Sometimes in a fancy hotel I can even get them to bring a blender up to my room and there with some bananas and fresh fruit juice I can make my SuperFood Plus Drink almost like home. Other times it is just a bottle of pasteurised 100% pure orange juice from the mini-bar or a 7-11, open it up, take a few swigs to make room for the SuperFood, dump in my 2 tablespoons using a piece of notebook paper from my briefcase as a funnel, put the lid back on, shake it up and drink. Regardless of how I make it, I never start my day without it.

"Travelling weakens me, it is that simple, and when I am weak I am more susceptible to getting sick, so I NEVER leave home without my SuperFood Plus and I NEVER skip taking it no matter how busy I am and how inconvenient it may seem."

How To Transform A Bland Restaurant Meal

"I eat many meals on the road too. I can honestly say that there are now many great vegetarian restaurants, or at least restaurants that have vegetarian entrees. I am also a master of getting restaurants that don't have any vegetarian entrée to make me one, You would be surprised at what many will do.

"I also carry a small bag with me into every restaurant. In this bag I have 5 or 6 small bottles that contain various liquids and powders. The best place to buy these small bottles is at camping, hiking and survival stores. This way the contents of these small bottles won't leak and be all over your clothes when you get to your final travelling destination.

"I usually carry a salt substitute like Paul Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, some garlic powder and my Cayenne Blend powder, some dried herbs and herbal seasonings from the health food store, some extra virgin raw, cold pressed olive oil and of course my SuperFood Plus. “Adding these condiments to just an unbuttered baked potato or a bowl of white rice at a bad Chinese restaurant turns a bland, lifeless, tasteless glop into a very tasty, and very NUTRITIOUS meal.

"On a recent airplane flight I was stuck inside an airplane on the ground at Frankfurt, Germany for hours due to 9-11 security problem. I had two avocados and some rye crackers in my bag so I mashed them up with my Liquid Aminos, SuperFood, garlic and a little cayenne, put them on the rye crackers and shared them with fellow passengers. They were all begging me for the recipe.

"FACT: did you know that statistically your greatest chance of getting injured on an airplane is not from a crash but from eating the airline food? Don't just survive on the road when you can THRIVE by taking your SuperFood Plus with you!"

Dr Schulze