SuperFood Plus is made from a range of green foods and other botanicals from land and sea. 

It contains (all dried & powdered):

Spirulina Algae   • Blue – Green Algae   • Chlorella broken-cell Algae   • Barley, Alfalfa & Wheat Grasses   • Purple Dulse Seaweed   • Acerola Cherry   • Rosehips   • Palm Fruit   • Lemon & Orange Peels   • Beetroot (root & leaf)   • Spinach Leaf   • Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary non-fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevislae Yeast. (The saacharomyces yeast is non-active and therefore suitable for those with yeast issues.)

All the ingredients have been naturally dried and are then tumble blended for less than two minutes to preserve their nutritional vitality and integrity.

This balanced formula offers the broadest all-round nutritional profile. It has a full spectrum of absorbable phytonutrients (plant nutrients).

It has high levels of vitamin B6 & B12, which helps energy levels,, immunity, the nervous system and mental balance. The high levels of plant protein helps muscles and bones.


Wheat, sugar, lactose, milk protein, eggs, soya, nuts, tree nuts, corn, caffeine, preservatives, starches, sweeteners, flavours or colouring.

No GM ingredients

Gluten free