Dr. Schulze

In the early 1970s, Dr. Richard Schulze opened his first natural healing clinic in New York, and then a few years later, he moved to Southern California, where he operated his natural healing clinic up to the mid-1990s. During this same period, he also managed and directed other natural healing clinics in Europe and Asia. 

Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus, herbal formulae, and natural healing programmes are now used in clinics worldwide. His clinical results have reverberated throughout both the natural healing and medical communities. His many patients are the living testimony to the limitless possibilities.

In his two decades of clinical practice, he has treated literally thousands of patients. Dr. Schulze maintains that he learned 5% of what he knows from school and 95% in the clinic, and always credits his patients as his real teachers. Without doubt, his real-life clinical experience is what sets him apart from other doctors in his field.

The outcome of his clinical work has been the achievement of unprecedented results, far beyond what most people thought possible with alternative medicine and SuperFood Plus is probably the pinnacle of all this.