Our super add-ins are all certified wildcrafted powders. They can be useful to provide specific additional needs and to create variety on a daily basis as one would with different meals:

  • EnergiRevive powder blend (Wild Siberian ginseng root plus other wild and grown botanicals) – a classic and much-used addition to SuperFood Plus
  • Wild Nettle leaf powder
  • Wild Rosehip powder
  • Wild Cinnamon quill powder

Try these ideas:

SuperFood Plus takes on a whole new delicious taste when mixed with olive oil and pressed garlic, spread over wholegrain or used to stuff celery.

It is also good sprinkled on a salad with an oil-and-vinegar dressing. Examples of two super dressings:

Oil dressing: 180 ml of cold-pressed olive oil, 12 large cloves of garlic, fresh rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme. Put all ingredients into a blender and puree. Add SuperFood Plus to taste.

Vinegar dressing: 180 ml of apple cider vinegar and 180 g of fresh, unpeeled, chopped ginger. Add both together and let stand overnight before using.

Salad: Lay a bed of ‘spring mix’ salad greens on a dinner plate. Top with one mound of fresh, shredded carrots and one mound of fresh, shredded beets. This is the main body of the salad. You can vary the toppings each day. So you won’t get bored. One day, you can use tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery; another day, avocado, onions, and olives; another day, sprouts and Greek olives. The point is that you try to use the main ingredients and vary the toppings. After you’ve made the salad, sprinkle a generous amount of SuperFood Plus on top (2 tablespoons). Then put the oil dressing on top of the SuperFood Plus. If you prefer, sprinkle some of the vinegar dressing on top of the whole thing.


Many people choose to add essential fatty acids to their SuperFood Plus – this makes a lovely combination. There are many sources of essential fatty acids.