Long-Burning Energy Breakfast

“A marathon runner gave us this recipe after finding that it gave him lots of energy which was slow to burn.  This suits him particularly as he has it before he trains and runs marathons.  1 ½ tablespoons of oat bran, 1 cup of porridge oats, ½ cup of linseed seeds, and oat milk. Blend all these together, and then add 1 tablespoon of SuperFood Plus and maple syrup.”

Quick SuperSoup

“Sometimes I get home late at night, and I need a little something to eat but I don’t want much. I also want something a little nurturing. This is when soup makes a good meal. Whether I must open a con of organic vegan soup or make up a quick raw soup, SuperFood Plus turns just soup into GREAT SOUP! There are a number of organic vegan canned soups available in health food stores, but let’s face it, cooking and canning takes a lot of the nutrition out of it. I make a mean 3-minute raw soup, but it just doesn’t taste like my mom’s did when it simmered all day on the stove. In either case, SuperFood Plus not only makes any soup more nutritious, but also makes it taste GREAT!”

“If your are just warming up a can of organic vegan soup, then once the soup is warmed up, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of SuperFood Plus. Add the SuperFood Plus at the end – this protects the flavour of the SuperFood Plus and also the nutrition. You won’t believe how good this will make a can of soup taste – it also makes the soup a bit thicker and gives you a great nutritional blast. If you are making a raw soup, do the same. I just put a carrot, a tomato, a few greens and sprouts, a chunk of beet, a clove of garlic, a chunk of ginger, and a pinch of cayenne powder, whatever, into my Vita-Mix. I then pour some very hot or boiling distilled water over the raw vegetables and herbs, and turn the Vita-Mix on immediately. Once it is liquefied, I add 1 to 2 tablespoons of SuperFood Plus, depending on how much soup I made.”

“Just like the canned soup, it thickens the soup, makes it taste a lot better, and gives it a nutritional kick, too. Soup is a very nice quick and nurturing food, but don’t settle for just soup when you can have SuperSoup, Dr. Schulze style.”

SuperPopcorn – Dr. Schulze Style

“Since I don’t watch television in my house, weekend movie nights are important for me and my family. And nothing goes better with a DVD movie than a hot bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is a great wintertime snack food for a number of reasons. It’s warm, low fat, and high in fibre. Some old natural healers even used to call popcorn an intestinal broom similar to bran. One of the worst things about popcorn is the fact that it is usually made by super-heating vegetable oil and then putting popcorn into this boiling oil to pop it. Then, when it is popped, pouring melted butter over it. Now you have the absolute worst of both worlds, rancid carcinogenic oxidised polyunsaturated oil and saturated fat in one meal. This is both cancer causing and artery clogging, and also how popcorn got a bad reputation. On the other hand, popping it in one of the many air-popping machines available today avoids both of these problems. These machines are just like hair dryers. They blow hot air over the corn kernels until they pop – no oil and no butter. If you think it’s not appetising, you’re very wrong; it just needs to be doctored up a little.”

“My favourite way is right after popping, put it into a large bowl or square shallow pan, or even a paper bag. Then I spray on Paul Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acid solution, which is a healthier version of a salt solution. Once it is damp, then I sprinkle it with SuperFood Plus, which will now stick to the slightly damp popcorn. I put enough SuperFood Plus on the popcorn until it is light green in colour. Next I sprinkle it again with powdered or granulated garlic, which can be found on the spice rack of any health food store (not garlic salt). Mix or shake it up and viola! You now have tasty and NUTRITIOUS SuperPopcorn, Dr. Schulze style!”