Breastfeeding, Motherhood & Pregnancy

These times are both tiring for the mother and yet of prime importance for the baby/toddler in terms of direct feeding by the mother (breastfeeding) or for post-breastfeeding mothers who can remain fatigued through the process of breastfeeding for some time to come.  SuperFood Plus can enhance all these areas dramatically.

Breast milk is produced via hormone (endocrine) stimulation processes, and these can be improved by SuperFood Plus in the context of exceptionally pure and easily assimilated nutrition.  Do remember we have samples sachets and you’re always welcome to request some to try out and make sure you and your baby are both happy with your choices!

During pregnancy it of course makes a fantastic nutritional ‘extra’ boost.


Once your child is able to sip out of a feeder beaker and continues into older childhood, SuperFood Plus is an ideal product to continue on with.