Over 55s

According to the World Health Organization, the life expectancy of people in the West continues to increase.  Enhancing our quality of life is therefore paramount.

Additionally, as we age, we create less saliva, have less stomach acid, and absorb less of what we eat.  Fortunately, SuperFood Plus is very easy to digest.  SuperFood Plus contains a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and of course protein all of which become of increasing importance as we age.

The ‘rainbow’ colours in SuperFood Plus give us the broad range of nutrients and bio-chemicals vital to aging, from the green chlorophylls, yellow flavones, and the all-important anthraquinones (dark reds and purple) – the most important flavonoids for alleviating inflammation within the body.  And the spotlight is on inflammation as we age as it is a major factor in all chronic diseases.