Studying & Shift Working


Eating properly when studying can fall into two camps: not having the time, or inclination, to cook.  Studying can come at any age and a good nutritional companion to help the brain, energy levels and time saving is of course SuperFood Plus as it is so rich in brain and nerve building components like B6 and B12, and of course protein and much more.

Shift Working

Shift workers’ circadian rhythms can be put out of kilter, compared with those who work and sleep according to the natural rhythms of day and night.  Working at night and sleeping by day (or trying to) creates all kinds of problems, from cardiovascular stresses to low immunity, abnormally low or heightened body temperatures, low blood sugar, bowel problems, and melatonin-productions difficulties – the list goes on.  But this is where SuperFood Plus comes in, a liquid ‘meal’ can help with giving energy but not making demands on digestion activity, which can be difficult for the body to provide.