Travelling & Holidays

When you are ‘on the road’ whether it’s a day out, a holiday or simply travelling from A to B, SuperFood Plus is a great help for energy, easy food and reliable nourishment.  

Our sample sachets can be especially useful for an easy to dispense and conveniently pre-packaged SuperFood Plus whereupon you simply tear off and pour into liquid, shake (or stir) and drink.  Some people take enough for a two week holiday or simply one or two for a long train journey!

Eating On The Road – Dr. Schulze-style

“My life has always been very busy, and I often have to eat meals away from home.  This can range from fine dining in the world’s greatest restaurants to lap dining while driving in a rental car to the airport.  In any case, I always pack my SuperFood.

“On the road, my breakfast is the same as when I am home, a SuperFood Plus drink.  I just make it a little different.  If I am in my hotel room, sometimes I can get the room service or the hotel restaurant to make me a fresh fruit smoothie drink to add my SuperFood Plus to.  Sometimes, in a fancy hotel, I can even get them to bring a blender up to my room, and with some bananas and fresh fruit juice I can make my SuperFood Plus Drink almost like at home.  Other times, it is just a bottle of pasteurised 100% pure orange juice from the mini-bar or a 7-11 – open it up, take a few swigs to make room for the SuperFood, dump in my 2 tablespoons using a piece of notebook paper from my briefcase as a funnel, put the lid back on, shake it up, and drink.  Regardless of how I make it, I never start my day without it.

“Travelling weakens me – it is that simple – and when I am weak, I am more susceptible to getting sick, so I NEVER leave home without my SuperFood Plus, and I NEVER skip taking it, no matter how busy I am and how inconvenient it may seem.”

Dr Schulze